Trump Digital Trading Card #20636
Trump Digital Trading Card #20636
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MATIC MATIC 10000 ≈$8091.95573542

  • Character

    Blue Suit Foam Finger

    3.78% have this trait

  • Face


    33.05% have this trait

  • Background

    Blue Stars

    1.18% have this trait

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  • Blockchain


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The First Digital Trading Card by President Trump. Are you ready to make history? For the first time ever, collect your own Official Trump Digital Trading Cards by President Trump. Incredible, hand-drawn art, inspired by President Trump’s extraordinary life & career. The collection features unique Trump Trading Cards, Limited One-of-Ones, Gold & Silver Autographed Cards. Cowboy Trump, Astronaut Trump, Business Trump… Which Trump are you? Learn more at Follow @realDonaldTrump @CollectTrump on Twitter and Truth Social. Before purchasing this Trump Digital Trading Card, please read carefully’s Terms Of Service ([]( and the Terms & Conditions specific to this NFT ([]( This explains all your rights and any restrictions.