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CATASTROPHY.CLUB official! A group of cats are lying nearly comatose, they lost everything in the crypto carnage, for the third time. But they are still alive. Or maybe not. 3360 CATASTROPHYs smashed by bearish are awakened by World Cup! They watch sports together, indulged in iced cold Liquid Death and Purrray their game of bets. Careful, these cats are going to wreak havoc if hey lose, and there will be chaos. CATASTROPHY in the collection are ranked by rarity: Legendary> Rare > Uncommon>Common. Each CATASTROPHY wears a jersey represents a player in the FIFA World Cup. Before knockout stage, match the player represented by your CAT with a possible event for that player in the knockout stage (from eighth-finals to final). After the finals, the winners will be rewarded with a different amount of bounty up to 4 ETH, depending on the rarity of the event and your specific NFT. Find what chaos CATASTROPHY just made at our website.