Fragments by James Jean #4151
Fragments by James Jean #4151
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    Before the Rain

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    Kaleidoscope I

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    Flowery Mouth

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    Frying Lotus

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    Phantasm Eyegasm

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    Jelly Nose

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Fragments By James Jean
Fragments By James Jean state-little state-little
Multidisciplinary visual artist James Jean presents Fragments (2022), a new series of hand-drawn digital artworks commissioned by the digital art platform Outland. The new and ambitious series is inspired by a forthcoming large-scale, luminous architectural pavilion by the artist, titled Pagoda, that will be composed of 7,000 stained glass pieces. Fragments will be minted as an edition size of 7,000 NFTs to reflect the physical sculpture that will be unveiled in 2023. Fragments is entirely hand-drawn and presents a series of fantastical characters that are distilled from the artist’s imagination. Jean describes these as “mythic beings” and each character bears a unique persona on a pentagonal frame, echoing the petal-like shape of the Pagoda’s glass panels, in his signature psychedelic colour palette. Fragments features visual elements that have appeared within Jean’s works throughout his career.